Kanye West Teases Yeezy Derrick Rose Collaboration

Kanye West’s latest efforts with adidas have been getting more and more adventurous as proven most recently through his Yeezy Foam Runners. But while those clogs were created from a long history of slip-on footwear, West’s most recently teased footwear model throws all conventions out the window. As shown in a recent tweet of his, the Yeezy D Rose is West’s first sneaker for fellow adidas partner and Chicago native, NBA star Derrick Rose.

Tweeted alongside other Yeezy slip-on prototypes, the Yeezy D Rose is made up entirely of one piece of ribbed, synthetic material. Its one-piece construction and slip-on style definitely bring to mind the Foam Runners’ silhouette but tampers with it in a wholly unique way. Minimalist in nature but still very attention-grabbing, the Yeezy D Rose is just the latest of Yeezy’s wild inventions. Check out images of the shoe below as well as other Yeezy prototypes from West’s Twitter below.

Scroll for further images.
All photos by @kanyewest

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