Nike Announces Olympic Collection with Off-White, Undercover, Alyx, sacai, and AMBUSH©

For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Nike has partnered with five of the world’s most innovative and sought-after designers on a special collection of sport-inspired apparel.

A truly international affair, this Olympic collaboration is being executed by Japanese designers Jun Takahashi of Undercover, Chitose Abe of sacai and Yoon Ahn of AMBUSH©,  as well as American designers Matthew Williams of ALYX and Off-White’s Virgil Abloh.

Beyond the multicultural aspect, a wide array of design languages ranging from Yoon Ahn/AMBUSH©’s fluorescent color pallette to Williams/Alyx and their all-black, utilitarian jackets. This collection is a welcome addition to the world of runway-ready athleisure.

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