Nike Kobe 5 Protro “Bruce Lee” Colorway Revealed

While the release of new Kobe sneakers has yet to return to normal since his passing, a few colorways of the popular Nike Kobe 5 Protros continue to appear online. The latest of these leaks is the unique “Bruce Lee” colorway you see pictured above.

Inspired by Bruce Lee’s outfit as he appeared in the landmark 1973 kung-fu action film Enter The Dragon, this sneaker combines the memories of two of the world’s most famous athletes. This Protro dons a mix of black patent leather on the forefoot and paneling, laser-etched fine leather for the lace stays, and white mesh on the interior and exterior portions of the ankle for extra support. Hits of bright yellow on the heel are another Lee reference; the shade is taken from the iconic yellow tracksuit he wore in the 1978 film Game of Death.

When these do release later this year, they will prove to be a great homage to two of the greatest in their respective fields. Stay tuned to Sole Savy for more information in the coming weeks.

Scroll below for further images.



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