Nike “Move To Zero” Collection: Sportswear Made From Recycled Materials

Nike’s “Move To Zero” initiative – a long-term effort to realize a carbon and waste-free future – is further emphasized with a new apparel collection produced from recycled materials. The collection will include a minimalist set of hoodies, tees, crews, jackets, joggers, and dresses.

The organic cotton used to weave the clothes is farmed and cultivated with new methods that use fewer chemicals and water and overall improve farming practices.

According to Nike, each piece from the collection will be produced from “at least 60 percent organic and recycled fabrics using new manufacturing methods meant to reduce waste”.

Even the most minuscule details keep sustainability in mind. Zippers and drawcords are custom made out of “Nike Grind” a mixture of rubber, foam, leather and other materials pulled from the manufacturing and recycling process of footwear.

Rather than ending up in a landfill, all of this “waste” is now new life thanks to innovations in technology and design.

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