StockX Commits To Improved Payout Times, Shipping Times, and Customer Service

As the year reaches its final quarter, StockX CEO Scott Cutler has released a public letter updating customers on the company’s commitment to improved service across all facets of the company. In the letter, which was sent out to all StockX newsletter subscribers, Cutler focuses in particular on promising a return to pre-pandemic levels of efficiency in regards to payout times, shipping, and customer service. The letter reads:

Today, I am writing with good news as we are now back to our usual payout and delivery times across our global network. Also, all new customer service requests should now receive a response within one business day, if not sooner. …w e’ve invested in new systems and processes to improve our service levels as we head into the upcoming holiday season. This includes opening three new authentication centers, launching live chat, and hiring more customer service agents to ensure that our global customers can buy and sell the products they love, faster and with better service.

The email also acknowledges that while the company is not immune to the logistical difficulties that the COVID-19 pandemic has plagued all industries with, that they are committed to a long-term improvement in quality for both buyers and sellers on the platform.

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