The Last Dance In GIFs

The Last Dance, ESPN’s Michael Jordan documentary, has swept the globe since its release in mid-April. The 10-part series gave a comprehensive look at arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, as well as the highs and lows of one of the NBA’s greatest dynasties.

The documentary serves as a guide through Jordan’s remarkable career and a glimpse at his extraordinary competitive nature, complex teammates, and team officials. For many, it reignited a spark that started long before the documentary was released. And while the series itself may be over, viewers are left with plenty of fond memories — including our After The Last Dance podcast and a variety of amazing GIFs. Here are some of the best moments from The Last Dance, captured in GIFs.

Rodman Explaining His Rebounding Strategy

To nobody’s surprise, Dennis Rodman managed to become one of the stars of the documentary. It might have been difficult to keep track of what he was doing with his hands but makes for a hilarious GIF.

MJ Laughing

“A lot of people backed down to Mike. I didn’t.” 

Whatever you say, Glove. 

MJ Side Eye

If it wasn’t already evident, The Last Dance cemented the old-school rivalry between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons as one of the greatest in NBA history. Oh, and it left us with another golden MJ meme.

Security Guard John Michael Woznick Does The Shrug

While nobody does the shrug better than Jordan himself, you have to admit, the late John Michael Woznick comes pretty close. 

Phil Jackson Is Not Having It

Now that we’ve seen the whole series, we can only imagine what it must have been like to try to coach this team. We feel you, Phil.

GM Jerry Krause Busting A Move

Who would have thought that the late General Manager Jerry Krause could bust a move like this?

Charles Barkley Zoom-In

Charles Barkley’s TV personality might have distracted the world from the fact that he was an absolute beast in the 90s. Hearing him talk about battling Jordan was great and this GIF is just a bonus to that.

Scottie Pippen Shoe Zoom-In

Even when Jordan stepped away from the NBA, his presence was still felt on court.

Isaiah Thomas: “I Met The Criteria”

Everybody’s reaction after losing a SNKRS raffle.

Jordan In The Locker Room With Baseball Bat & Cigar

Jordan giving us a peek into his terrifying competitive nature? Sign us up. Doing it with a cigar in his mouth, Air Jordan 13s on his feet, and a baseball bat in his hands? The other team didn’t stand a chance.

MJ Jamming Out

Perhaps the most used GIF of the series, MJ jamming out on the bus and (casually) flexing that he’s listening to unreleased music is a GOAT move and a hilarious visual.

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