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The membership that pays for itself

Technology to Help You Buy

Tools to give you an advantage

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  • Buy on-the-go with DROPS app

  • Instantly know when shoes release with personalized alerts

  • Buy the size you need with one-click ‘Add-to-cart’ links

  • FREE: Enter and manage sneaker raffles across the world

Simplify the barrage of sneaker information

Stay ahead without all the work

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  • Get updates and insider information to help you track and plan for releases

  • Join our live sessions to learn how to prepare for key releases

  • Get 1:1 support from SoleSavy team members to answer any of your sneaker-related questions

  • Get sneaker savvy via the SoleSavy podcast

Find your people

Join a passionate and private social network you can trust

  • Feel welcomed by the most fun, safe, and inclusive sneaker community online

  • build your network and your collection in our private social network

  • Benefit from sneaker karma, as our members help each other with assists

Enjoy discounts & perks

Save money on sneakers and get access to members-only drops

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  • Shop private members-only events with select retailers

  • Take advantage of exclusive discounts with our retail partners

  • Enter to win weekly & monthly giveaways for sneakers and gear

Buy, sell, and trade

Just launched: COLLECT by SoleSavy, a new kind of marketplace

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  • Skip the transaction fees and avoid the hassle when buying, selling, and trading

  • Find your next grail and explore other members collections

  • Tell the community what you’re looking for and get help finding it