We love sneakers almost more than anything else.

And the people, passion, and possibility that make this culture what it is.

In the last few years, sneakers has been plagued with problems.

Bots, resellers, shipping delays, fluctuating inventory and information. The demand for sneakers has never been higher, but our ability to enjoy them has never been lower.

Solving the problems of sneakers today is an uphill battle, but the sneaker world of tomorrow is still up for grabs.

So we came together.

To help people get the sneakers they want, we created a sneaker community that is being built for, and by people who love sneakers. To fuel the passion and shift the experience, despite the challenges.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an OG sneakerhead, we’re inviting you to join us.

We will help you get sneakers, and together, we'll create new ways to make it more fun and rewarding.

Built by people who love sneakers.

  • Dejan Pralica

    Dejan Pralica
    CEO & Co-Founder

    Long time sneaker fanatic, entrepreneur, and previous founder of Kicks Deals.

  • Justin Dusanj

    Justin Dusanj
    Co-Founder & Chief Community Officer

    Driving connection with sneakerheads, former Director of Operations at New Age Sports.

  • Adarsh Pallian

    Adarsh Pallian

    Entrepreneur, investor, operator, and already working on the next company retreat.

  • Marco Henry Negrete

    Marco Henry Negrete
    VP, Content & Communications

    Sneaker industry veteran, former Jordan Brand global editorial lead.

  • Anna Bediones

    Anna Bediones
    Director of Women’s Strategy

    Career creative who has worked with brands like Nike, Jordan Brand, Finish Line and Complex.

  • Tony Mui

    Tony Mui
    Director Of Video

    Creator, director, editor and producer who was previously a host at Complex.

  • Turhan Williams

    Turhan Williams
    Chief Product Officer

    Silicon Valley veteran who's helped build products for the world's most innovative companies including Apple and Amazon.

  • Desiree Evanshen

    Desiree Evanshen
    Director of Customer Success

    Keeps members happy and thriving with experiences built to grow.

  • Anise Dudley

    Anise Dudley
    Community Lead

    Leads our womens-only community with her passion for sneakers, daily updates, and release information.

  • Luis Torres

    Luis Torres
    Editorial Lead

    Writer who's been covering the sneaker industry for years. Previously at Nice Kicks.

  • Devin Robertson

    Devin Robertson
    Content Coordinator

    Seasoned media and sneaker industry pro with past stops at News Week, Hibbett Sports, and City Gear.

  • Robert Strickland

    Robert Strickland
    Community Operations

    The nicest man in sneakers, working with community leaders every day to help our members win.

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