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Episode List

Ep. #88: The Rarest Vintage Air Jordans

Feat. DP, Marco & Curated Van

On today’s episode, we’re joined by vintage Air Jordan curator, Tye Engmann aka Curated Van. He joins us to discuss all things vintage sneakers.

Ep. #87: The Best Sneakers Dropping This Holiday Season

'Tis the season, on today’s episode, DP, Anna Bediones, and Marco Henry Negrete are discussing the holiday lineup and which sneakers they're feelin' most.

Ep. #86 Biggest Sneaker Storylines of the 21-22 NBA Season

On today’s episode, DP, Anna Bediones, and Marco Henry Negrete are in studio and talking hoops. More specifically discussing the biggest sneaker storylines for the upcoming NBA season.

Ep. #85: Why NFTs Are The Future

Feat. DP & Franalations

On today’s episode, DP sits down with Franalations to discuss the world of NFTs and why they believe it is the future.

Ep. #84: Does More Stock Kill a Sneaker’s Hype?

Feat. DP & Michael Sykes

On today’s podcast, DP sits down with Michael Sykes of USA Today to discuss sneaker stock levels. Should brands make more sneakers for consumers? Does more stock kill a sneaker’s hype?

Ep. #83: New Orleans Pelicans’ Devonte’ Graham

Feat. DP & Devonte' Graham

On today’s episode, DP sits down with New Orleans Pelicans player Devonte’ Graham, to talk all about what it’s like to be a Jordan athlete, his love for the Air Jordan 1 low, how he feels about his trade and so much more!

Ep. #82: OutfitGrid Founder Dennis Todisco

Feat. DP & Dennis Todisco

On today’s episode, DP sits down with Dennis Todisco, founder of @outfitgrid on Instagram to discuss his thoughts on where streetwear is going in the future, throwbacks to the early internet days, what it’s like working for Instagram and so much more!

Ep. #81: Phoenix Suns’ Mikal Bridges

Feat. DP & Mikal Bridges

On today’s episode, DP sits down with Phoenix Suns small forward, Mikal Bridges to talk about why he loves the KD’s so much, what his favorite off-court sneaker is, what it was like to get so far in the postseason and so much more!

Ep. #80: Lance Stephenson Has 5000 Pairs In His Sneaker Collection

Feat. DP & Lance Stephenson

On today’s episode, DP sits down with basketball player and sneakerhead, Lance Stephenson to discuss his love of sneakers, how big his collection is, why the Jordan 13 is his favorite Jordan model and so much more!

Triple Stitch Ep. #09: Sasha Elina

Feat. L & Sashà Elina

What’s up, everyone? Welcome to Triple Stitch. Today we are joined by Sashà, Toronto-born stylist and creative behind the looks of your favorite artist and events from tour styling, television appearances, and the red carpet with roots planted both in LA and New York.

Ep. #79: Jordan Brand Designer Tate Kuerbis Talks Air Jordan 36

Feat. Marco & Tate Kuerbis

On today’s episode, Marco gets the inside info on the latest Air Jordan model the Jordan 36 with Jordan Brand designer Tate Kuerbis, find out about the newest tech, how Michael Jordan felt when he first touched this model, why fashion is coming second in this model and so much more!

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