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Episode List

Episode #121 — Breaking Down the Best Sneaker Releases of 2022 Thus Far: From Storytelling to Bot Protection to Accessibility

Feat. Marco, Connor, and Jose

Marco Henry Negrete sits down with Connor & Jose, representing our Release & Community teams, to chat about the best sneaker releases of the year…

Episode #120 — Courtside Sneakers Owner Nathan Clark

Feat. DP

Courtside Sneakers Owner and friend Nathan Clark, rejoins the SoleSavy podcast to give us insight into the challenges of running a sneaker store in 2022.…

Episode #119 — NBA Photographer Jordan Jimenez

Feat. DP

Photographer Jordan Jimenez hops on the podcast to discuss the Golden State Warriors 2022 Championship Run. Jordan shares some favorite memories and highlights of the…

Episode #118 The Current State of Sneakers 2022

Feat. DP and Marco

On this episode of the SoleSavy Podcast, DP and Marco sit down to talk about the state of sneakers in 2022, is resell dead, are…

Episode #117 — Timberland Enters the Metaverse with their CONSTRUCT: 10061 Program

Feat. DP

On this episode of the SoleSavy Podcast, DP is joined by Timberland’s Construct team to talk about the future of sneakers, the metaverse, and the…

Episode 116 — Whitaker Group Founder James Whitner

Feat. Marco

Whitaker Group Owner James Whitner joins the SoleSavy Podcast to talk about getting Penny Hardaway’s co-sign for the upcoming Penny 1 collaboration, balancing the responsibilities…

Episode 115 — Deadstock Coffee Owner Ian Williams

Feat. DP

On this episode of the SoleSavy Podcast, Ian Williams from Deadstock Coffee stops by to talk with DP about his journey from working as a…

Episode 114 — NBA Player Langston Galloway

Feat. DP

On this episode, DP is joined by NBA player and owner of ETHICS The Brand, Langston Galloway. Together they talk about the challenges and process of designing a sneaker, owning a brand, and the future of ETHICS.

Episode #113 — Hav-A-Sole Founder Rikki Mendias

Feat. DP

On today’s episode of the pod, DP is joined by Hav-A-Sole founder Rikki Mendias. Together, they talk about the sneaker community, the mission of Hav-A-Sole, and the importance of giving back.

Episode #112 – Sneaker Room Owner Suraj Kaufman

Feat. DP

On today’s episode of the pod, DP is joined by Sneaker Room Owner & CEO Suraj Kaufman. Together, the two dive into the store’s collabs w/ Nike & Kyrie Irving and touch on the importance of giving back.

Episode #111 – Let’s Discuss SoleSavy’s New COLLECT App

Feat. DP & Turhan Williams

On today’s episode of the pod, DP is joined by SoleSavy Chief Product Officer, Turhan Williams. Together the two discuss our new marketplace app, COLLECT.

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