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Episode List

#196 – A Complete History Of Air Jordan 3 Collaborations

#195 – The Biggest Sneaker Storylines Of The WNBA Season

#194 – How Travis Scott Became Jordan Brand’s Biggest Endorser Since Michael Jordan

#193 – How the Sneaker Retail Landscape Changed In 5 Years

#192 – The Biggest Sneaker Storylines Of The 2024 NBA Playoffs

#191 – When Did The “Military Blue” Air Jordan 4 Become A “Grail?”

#190 – How Jordan Made People Care About The Forgotten Air Ship

#189 – Previewing The Best Air Jordans Releasing This Summer

#188 – Why Savvy Sneakerheads Have Stopped Paying Resell

#187 – Why Aren’t Sneaker Trades More Common?

#186 – How adidas Basketball Won The 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend

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