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SoleSavy co-founders Justin and DP deep dive into various sneaker topics with special guests and industry experts.

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Episode List

Ep. #60 – Kobe x Nike Partnership Ends

Feat. DP, Ian Stonebrook, and Marco Negrete

Following the breaking news of Kobe Bryant’s Nike deal ending, DP, Ian Stonebrook, and Marco Negrete jump on the pod to discuss. The trio breaks down the timeline of how and why this happened and what comes next.


Triple Stitch #01: James Whitner

Feat. L and James Whitner

Welcome to Triple Stitch. We are kicking off our very first episode with community leader and founder of the Whitaker Group, James Whitner. Chopping it up about his upcoming Jordan collab of the AJ3 “Raised by Women”, what it’s like being a black creative in the space, and what he likes to have for breakfast.

Ep. #59 – Sneaker Delays, Nike vs China with @ShanghaiSole

Feat. DP & @ShanghaiSole

On today’s episode, Jay “@Shanghaisole” Shuang sits down with DP to break down why Nike is having so many shipping delays, what’s sitting on shelves in China, how a new problem with China could cause an even larger disruption and so much more!

Ep. #57 – Eric Paschall on Sneakers in the NBA, PEs and His Collection

Feat. DP & Eric Paschall

On today’s episode, Eric Paschall joins DP to talk about his love for sneakers, what his dream PE would look like, who has the biggest sneaker collection on the Golden State Warriors and so much more!

Ep. #56 – Raging Bulls 5s Return with Ian Stonebrook

Feat. DP and Ian Stonebrook

Ian “The Human Fact Machine” Stonebrook is back with us today on the SoleSavy Podcast! DP and Ian talk all about the most hyped release of this weekend the Jordan 5 “Raging Bull”, why DP is excited to triple up on them, where Ian ranks them on his list of top 5 Jordan 5 colorways and so much more!

Ep. #55 – Mack Hollins Discusses Life after the NFL, Education, and Style

Feat. DP and Miami Dolphins’ Mack Collins

On this episode of the SoleSavy podcast, DP sits down with NFL player, Mack Hollins to discuss what life is like after you win the championship your rookie year, how Mack is using his social media to inspire the next generation, what his favorite sneaker is, and much more!

Ep. #53 – Nike’s Latest Lawsuit + Industry Release Issues

Featuring DP & Justin

On this episode of the podcast, DP and Justin discuss the sold-out MSCHF x Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes” and all the controversy behind them.  Afterward, the duo gets into what exactly is causing all these sneaker release delays in 2021.

Ep. #52 – SoleFacts: Air Max Edition

Feat. DP and Ian Stonebrook

Ian, Human Fact Machine, Stonebrook is back! On this episode of the SoleSavy podcast, DP and Ian breakdown all the releases and dive deep into Air Max Day 2021, what their favourite Air Max model is, which model they want to see come back and so much more!

Ep. #51 – Building a Women’s Sneaker Brand with Sarah Sukumaran

Featuring DP and Sarah Sukumaran

On today’s episode, DP interviews our special guest Sarah Sukumaran, on what it takes to bring up a brand new sneaker brand during a pandemic, what inspires the design process of her first shoe, why Sarah’s new brand is based around inclusivity and much more!

Ep. #50 – Women’s Exclusives Matter with Anna Bediones

Featuring DP and Anna Bediones (@atothebed)

Welcome to Episode 50 of the SoleSavy Podcast! To mark this milestone, DP sits down with the newest member of the SoleSavy Team, Director of Strategy for our Women’s community, Anna Bediones. They chat about how far women’s exclusives have come, is it better to just have inclusive sizing, how do women get into the sneaker game and so much more!

Ep. #49 – Nike VP Resign’s Over Resell Connection

Featuring co-founders DP and Justin

On today’s episode, DP and Justin are fired up to talk about the resignation of Ann Hebert, the Nike VP who stepped down from her position after news broke her son was operating a major resell operation.

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