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SoleSavy co-founders Justin and DP deep dive into various sneaker topics with special guests and industry experts.

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Episode List

Episode #11 – Jay Shuang @ShanghaiSole

The Asian Sneaker Scene, Hype in 2020 and more!

Jay Shuang of @Shanghaisole joins DP today to talk all about the Asian Sneaker Market, resellers, Dunks, and why sold our shoes are sitting on shelves in Asia.


Episode #9 – WearTesters

The Sneaker Industry, Reviews, Youtube and more

Chris and Drew of WearTesters join us for a trip down memory lane as we discuss the sneaker industry, reviews, the NBA and our personal collections.

Episode #8 – Sock Jig

Bots, Resellers and the Worst Sneaker Releases

@SockJig from Twitter joins us to discuss what we’re seeing around the industry right now regarding COVID-19, bots, resellers and end the podcast discussing the worst sneaker releases possible.

Episode #7 – Alex Wong

The Raptors, The Shot, NBA Basketball and Sneaker Collections

Writer extraordinaire Alex Wong joins us to discuss the Raptors Championship Season, the Kawhi shot, sneakers in the NBA, managing our sneaker collection and tons more!


Episode #6 – Alvin Williams

NBA Career, Sneakers in Basketball, League Stories and more!

I sit down with former Toronto Raptor Alvin Williams to discuss his NBA career, sneakers in basketball, stories from around the league and more!

Episode #5 – Kicks Deals

Kicks Deals Origins, the Sneaker Industry, Resell, What Comes Next?

In this week’s episode DP sits down with the Editor-in-Chief of Kicks Deals US, Ian Hofler. We discuss how the sneaker industry has changed since the website started in 2011 and more!


Episode #3 – SoleSavy Origin Story

Learn about how we started the business.

We discuss how we first met and the journey we took turning SoleSavy from an idea to a real business.