Jordan 1 Royal Toe Stock Breakdown and Insights

This should help you all decide on which Foot sites to focus on tomorrow. Notes are below and then a breakdown of best options per size as well.

You should try on Shopify sites first before going to Foot sites for 10AM EST releases.

  • Champs: 9k pairs, mostly sizes is 10 and 10.5 with 1300 each. Sizes 8 to 9.5, 11 are around 800 pairs. 11.5 to 13 is half the stock and size 14 is impossible with a dozen.
  • Kids Foot Locker: 2400 pairs, most stock is 5.5 to 7.
  • Foot Action: Most stock is 8 to 9.5 surprisingly. Over 1k pairs each. Gets way worse from 10 and up as you go down the list.
  • Foot Locker US: 33,000 mens pairs total. This is the best option. Most of the stock is size 8.5 to 10.5 around 4k each. 11.5 and 13 the most limited here. This is the best option for size 14s. Also 18k GS pairs here. Most stock is 6 to 7 sizes.
  • Foot Locker CA – 2500 mens / very few 11.5. Try for 11 or 12 instead. Size 13 stock is low too but not as bad as 11.5. Almost 2000 GS pairs mostly in sizes 5.5 and up. Most stock is 6 and size 7.


A breakdown of best options in the US by size:

  •  GS – Foot Locker US hands down.
  • 8 to 9.5 – Foot Action is a great option. Foot Locker obviously has more stock but way more people will be on their site.
  • 10 to 11 – Champs is a great option. Foot Locker obviously has more stock but again, way more people will be on their site.
  • 11.5 – this size is the lowest everywhere but FLUS has the most stock.
  • 12 – FLUS hands down
  • 13 – Champs/ Foot Action. FLUS is okay, only double stock.
  • 14/15 – FLUS, everyone else is a waste of time

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