Notre Hosting 24-Hour Off-White x Jordan 5 “Sail” Charity Raffle For Chicago’s Club 51

Following up on their last charity raffle, Notre is teaming up once again with Off-White founder Virgil Abloh and philanthropist Aleta Clark to raise funds via another exclusive sneaker raffle. For 24 hours, starting on October 27th at 10 AM EST, Notre will be selling $3 raffle tickets for a chance to purchase the Off-White x Jordan 5 “Sail” for retail upon release on the 29th. All proceeds will go towards the Club 51 initiative, a Chicago-based non-profit founded by Clark four years ago. Club 51 provides freshly-cooked meals and new clothes for around 30 people each day. Clark states:

Club 51 is an initiative I started four years ago. I want to remind homeless people that they are loved, that they are somebody, that they are respected, that I’m not going to ignore them. All throughout the day they eat last, so when I’m there with them, they eat first. I don’t serve them leftovers. When I want them to have something I raise money or just use my money to go to the store. I buy them all new things because I want them to remember what it felt like to snatch a tag off. When I feed them, I want them to know that this food was cooked especially for y’all.

Abloh, Notre, and Clark’s previous charity raffle raised $187,00 for HugsNotSlugs, another Chicago based non-profit founded by Clark.

Learn more about the partnership and the organizations involved via Notre.

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