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SoleSavy co-founders Justin and DP deep dive into various sneaker topics with special guests and industry experts.

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Episode List


Ep. #48 – Answering Community Questions with Bun B

Featuring Ian Stonebrook & Bun B

On this episode of the podcast, Ian sits down with hip-hop legend Bun B to ask him questions from the SoleSavy community. Find out what Bun B thinks about the recent Jordan collabs, what his grail sneaker is, what Houston was wearing in the ’80s and ’90s and so much more!

Ep. #47 – Doernbecher Virtually Freestyle 2021

Featuring DP, Dr. Dana Braner and Cassady Nevarez

Two very special guests join us to talk all about Doernbecher x Nike initiative, what the kid’s design process looks like and how Doernbecher will be tackling its annual event virtually this year.

Ep. #46 – Interconnectivity of Culture with Rodney Conyers Jr.

Featuring DP and Rodney Conyers Jr.

On today’s episode, special guest Rodney Conyers Jr. sits down with DP to talk about sneakers and their impact on culture that crosses over many different genres and interests.

Ep. #45 – From Jordan Brand to SoleSavy with Marco Negrete

Featuring DP and Henry Negrete

On today’s episode, DP sits down with Marco Negrete who joined SoleSavy this week as VP of Content and Communications. They discuss Marco’s career journey and why he is so passionate about the purpose of SoleSavy.

Ep. #44 – Sneaker Communities with Jacques Slade

Featuring DP and Jacques Slade

DP sits down with Jacques Slade to talk all about the different communities we have in sneakers now and what the future of the industry could look like.

Ep. #43 – Sneaker Culture in 2020 with Anna Bediones

Featuring DP and Anna Bediones (@atothebed)

On today’s episode, DP is joined by Anna Bediones to discuss sneaker culture in 2020 through the lens of women in sneakers, the culture as it stands today and the future generation of sneakerheads. 

Ep. #42 – The Problem with Nike’s SNKRS app

Featuring co-founder DP and writer Michael Sykes

On today’s episode, Mike Sykes (Host of the Kicks You Wear newsletter) joins DP to discuss all the things that are wrong with the Nike SNKRS app and more.

Ep. #41 – LeBron PE SNKRS Voting

Featuring co-founder DP and writer Ian Stonebrook

On today’s episode, DP and Ian discuss a topic that has had sneakerheads on fire this past week, the LeBron PE SNKRS bracket! Is the voting rigged? Does Nike already know which sneaker will come out on top? And are younger sneakerheads having their voices heard? Listen in and find out.


Ep. #40 – The Future of the Sneaker Industry

Featuring CEO & Co-Founder DP

In today’s very special episode of the SoleSavy podcast, we have an important announcement. SoleSavy has raised $2M USD in venture capital and has set the stage for a complete upheaval in the sneaker industry. CEO and co-founder DP tells our story here.

Ep. #39 – UNDFTD, Dunks, 2021 Trends

Featuring co-founders DP and Justin

2021 is here and with it a slew of new changes in the sneaker world. SoleSavy co-founders Justin and DP discuss the super smooth, UNDFTD AM97 drop that came at the tail end of December and the upcoming “white” colorways release. Later on the duo bring up some points about 2021 sneaker trend predictions and – of course – the Dunk’s reign moving forward.

Ep. #38 – What’s Next for Yeezy in 2021?

Featuring co-founder DP and writer Ian Stonebrook

SoleSavy co-founder DP sits down with contributing writer Ian Stonebrook to discuss what the future of Kanye West’s Yeezy will look like in 2021. While Kanye once seemed to be able to do no wrong, newer silhouettes have waned in popularity compared to the 350’s debut back in 2015. With inventory at an all-time high and the brand showing no signs of stopping, what’s in store for Yeezy this year?

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