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Join SoleSavy Co-Founders Justin and DP as they deep dive into the latest sneaker topics with special guests and industry experts.

Just launched: SoleSavy Women's Triple Stitch Podcast hosted by L, a New York-based writer, content creator, and well known for her explore page-worthy PSAs as @el.leche on Instagram.

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Episode List

SoleSavy Podcast Episode #127 Previewing the Sneaker Landscape for Q4 w/ Gemo Wong

Feat. DP, Marco, and Gemo Wong

DP & Marco sit down with SS4 and former Nike/Jordan Brand designer Gemo Wong to discuss the sneaker industry heading into Q4. The trio tackles…

SoleSavy Podcast Episode #126 — The Making Of The SoleSavy SS3 w/ Community Members Nith & Michael

Feat. Michael, Nith, & DP

The SS3 was a completely original build using a vibram sole, built by 180 members from the SoleSavy community. Two of the most involved, Nith…

Episode 125 – Kanye West vs Adidas: Who owns Yeezy? (Featuring Sneaker Law)

feat. Marco, Kenneth Anand and Jared Goldstein (Sneaker Law)

Marco Negrete checks in with the authors of  Sneaker Law, Kenneth Anand and Jared Goldstein, to discuss the civil war between Kanye West and adidas. We get…

SoleSavy Podcast Episode #124 — Sneakers is a Buyer’s Market Now

Feat. DP and Justin

DP and Justin reunite to cover the landscape of sneakers from both a consumer and retailer point of view. The duo hands out advice to…

SoleSavy Podcast Episode #123 Longtime Collector — Mr. Miller

Feat. DP

Longtime collector and IG sneakerhead Mr. Miller joins the pod this week to discuss how he became a member of the SoleSavy community, the art…

SoleSavy Podcast Episode #122 — Sneaker YouTuber Sean Go

Feat. DP

Sean Go joins the pod to chat about the ins and outs of sneaker reviewing, how sneaker culture has changed in Toronto, how many sneakers…

Episode #121 — Breaking Down the Best Sneaker Releases of 2022 Thus Far: From Storytelling to Bot Protection to Accessibility

Feat. Marco, Connor, and Jose

Marco Henry Negrete sits down with Connor & Jose, representing our Release & Community teams, to chat about the best sneaker releases of the year…

Episode #120 — Courtside Sneakers Owner Nathan Clark

Feat. DP

Courtside Sneakers Owner and friend Nathan Clark, rejoins the SoleSavy podcast to give us insight into the challenges of running a sneaker store in 2022.…

Episode #119 — NBA Photographer Jordan Jimenez

Feat. DP

Photographer Jordan Jimenez hops on the podcast to discuss the Golden State Warriors 2022 Championship Run. Jordan shares some favorite memories and highlights of the…

Episode #118 The Current State of Sneakers 2022

Feat. DP and Marco

On this episode of the SoleSavy Podcast, DP and Marco sit down to talk about the state of sneakers in 2022, is resell dead, are…

Episode #117 — Timberland Enters the Metaverse with their CONSTRUCT: 10061 Program

Feat. DP

On this episode of the SoleSavy Podcast, DP is joined by Timberland’s Construct team to talk about the future of sneakers, the metaverse, and the…

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