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SoleSavy co-founders Justin and DP deep dive into various sneaker topics with special guests and industry experts.

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Episode List

Episode #17- Stock Levels and New Bot Protection

Featuring DP and Justin

Justin joins DP to chat about why stock levels matter so much on sneaker releases and what does Shopify’s new bot protection mean for us?

Episode #16 – The Effect Hype Releases Have on Sneakerheads

Featuring Alex Wong and DP

Alex joins DP to discuss last weeks hype releases and what type of impact it has on the average sneakerhead. Why do we chase the hype? What does it to mean to us? and the struggle of being a custom…

Episode #15 – NBA Bubble

Featuring Alex Wong and Russ Bengtson

The Dynamic Duo are back! Alex Wong and Russ Bengtson are here to talk all things NBA Bubble season, is it too early to come back, what makes this season exciting and so much more.

Episode #14 – Sneakers in the Post Covid World

Featuring Alex Wong and Russ Bengtson

Join Alex Wong and Russ Bengston for a discussion all about how Covid-19 has changed the sneaker world, will Kylie Jenner keep on wearing SB’s, how should Nike and Adidas approach diversity in the sneaker industry and much more!

Episode #13 – Nathan from Courtside Sneakers

Owning a Sneaker Store, Resellers, Store Loyalty and more!

Why did you open up a sneaker store? (0:37), How has resell affected you being a store owner? (8:45), How important is store loyalty? (10:56), How did Covid affect your store? (17:06), What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned through this pandemic? (24:09), How has this changed the retail experience? (25:29), Tell us more about Courtside Sneakers (28:25), Final Thoughts (32:33).

Episode #12 – Chris from WearTesters

The Night Wing 1, The Last Dance, Dior and more!

The Night Wing 1 (Weartesters x We Are Underdogs) (0:38), The State of Sneakers in 2020 (5:30), The Last Dance Documentary Thoughts (9:56), Hot Take: Dior x Air Jordan 1 (19:38), Dunks in 2020 (23:51), Should the NBA come back? (28:07), Thoughts on 2020 (33:26).

Episode #11 – Jay Shuang @ShanghaiSole

The Asian Sneaker Scene, Hype in 2020 and more!

Jay Shuang of @Shanghaisole joins DP today to talk all about the Asian Sneaker Market, resellers, Dunks, and why sold our shoes are sitting on shelves in Asia.


Episode #9 – WearTesters

The Sneaker Industry, Reviews, Youtube and more

Chris and Drew of WearTesters join us for a trip down memory lane as we discuss the sneaker industry, reviews, the NBA and our personal collections.

Episode #8 – Sock Jig

Bots, Resellers and the Worst Sneaker Releases

@SockJig from Twitter joins us to discuss what we’re seeing around the industry right now regarding COVID-19, bots, resellers and end the podcast discussing the worst sneaker releases possible.

Episode #7 – Alex Wong

The Raptors, The Shot, NBA Basketball and Sneaker Collections

Writer extraordinaire Alex Wong joins us to discuss the Raptors Championship Season, the Kawhi shot, sneakers in the NBA, managing our sneaker collection and tons more!


Episode #6 – Alvin Williams

NBA Career, Sneakers in Basketball, League Stories and more!

I sit down with former Toronto Raptor Alvin Williams to discuss his NBA career, sneakers in basketball, stories from around the league and more!

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