PUMA Announces Partnership With Creative Director June Ambrose

Puma has just revealed its latest partnership with the veteran creative director June Ambrose. Ambrose has previously worked on projects with artists such as Nas, Alicia Keys, and Jay-Z, among other notable names. Ambrose and the German company have previously worked through her time at PUMA Hoops‘ design team currently led by creative director Jay-Z.  This partnership will begin to release product in 2021 and will primarily be focused on women’s and girl’s wear that blends style with performability. Currently, the partnership has teased an upcoming exclusive release PUMA Hoops as well as a collection for Title Nine. With a long list of projects and accolades under her belt, Ambrose brings her over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry in her latest venture.

Regarding the partnership, Ambrose stated: “I want my work with PUMA to drive a dialogue around Title Nine and equality. To have the opportunity to do this by launching a collection for an underserved division, for women’s basketball, is incredible. I want athletes and all women to feel fearless and inspired when they wear the pieces that I’ve designed. I want to create a space where young girls and women feel empowered on and off the court”.

Beyond physical products, the partnership also hopes to foster a real impact in the world through empowering women and youth through the power of sport. “The connection between style and sport is timeless and it’s something I’ve always wanted to put my spin on,” said Ambrose. “Beyond the collections, it’s important to me that the collaboration is rooted in social impact, and PUMA’s work in the social justice space to empower youth through sport makes them the perfect partner.”

All images by PUMA.

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