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SoleSavy Speaks Up: Members Reflect on Inspiration Behind Sneaker Room x Nike Kyrie 7 “Mom’

Alijah Landing

Last week we had the privilege of chopping it up with Suraj Kaufman, Sneaker Room Boutique owner. He sat down with our own Tony Mui to discuss the new Nike Kyrie 7 “Mom” collaboration. As the name suggests, it is inspired by Kyrie’s late mother, Elizabeth, but also by his Native American heritage. With each sneaker interpolating details from the four elements (fire, water, earth, and air).

We’ve partnered with Sneaker Room to giveaway some pairs from this collection to our community. In honor of the shoe’s inspo, we asked our community to share a few words about their mom or a motherly figure in their life. The responses were touching and served as a tremendous reminder of just how amazing moms are. They’ll always be the original superhero. Take a look below at our latest SoleSavy Speaks Up and join SoleSavy for more exclusive giveaways. We’re hooking our community up weekly with a wonderful assortment of prizes.

I appreciate all of the sacrifices that my Mom did for me and my siblings so that we can enjoy the life that we have today (and cop expensive sneakers 😁). – RichMoments

My mom always made sure we had a roof over our head and sneakers on our feet! Little did she know the sneakers turned into an addiction. – RJB

Thanks, Mom; for going through all the hardships of leaving and coming to this country to give all your children a better life. ❤️ – PHo

To the women who taught me the value of family, thank you! – Facemonster

Thanks for always looking out for and sacrificing for me, from practices, paying for sports, picking me up, and providing for us. will always appreciate everything you do for the family!! Side shoutout to my grandma for doing just as much of the work in raising me. – Not Mike

To my mom, thanks for always putting your family ahead of everything else to this date and helping me become the man I am today, you’re daily phone calls mean the world to me! – Davey

My mom has shown me the definition of hard work and the importance of having a strong work ethic. – Ric

Thanks, mom for teaching me how to be a better person and value life. Thank you for Always putting your family’s needs and wants ahead of yours. – Mo

To the endlessly patient, loving, considerate woman that always supports me and has raised me to exemplify the same values – thank you, mom! – pizzachips

To my mother, who has given her whole being to love and nurture her children, words cannot describe how much you mean to me ❤️ – Kelzos

Thanks, mom, for being there and staying outside the classroom all day when I was 4 and scared on my first day of school; always had my safety and comfort in mind. – TopherC

Thanks, mom for raising me on your own. Thank you for all your sacrifices and for coming to this country to give me a better future. – Leonard

Thank you Mom for always being there whenever and wherever. – Aldrin

Thank you Mom for all the sacrifices. – pnoy403

To my mom, thanks for what she did to the family and made me being a good person. And she made me feel that she’s always on my side when I need a hug. – Nikeman

Mom is the hardest working and most selfless person I’ve known. She’s in the healthcare sector working all different hours but always makes sure we’re well-taken care of. When she’s off work, she constantly learns new skills to improve herself. From cooking to flower arrangement to new diploma. She’s my role model and my #1 favorite ❤️❤️❤️ – Tez

My mom always provided me with the best of everything and taught me to be always kind and considerate to everyone 👩‍👦 – JJ

Words can’t describe what she has done for me. – Manan

Thank you Mom for always being there for me and for all of the sacrifices! – Aragorn

Thank you, Mom, no matter how hard things have been, you have always been there for my brother and me. – Jason

To my mom, thank you forever for doing the role of two parents after coming to this country and giving it your all for your kids. No words will ever be enough but your sacrifices have never gone unnoticed! To the strongest person I know! ❤️ – Michael

Thank you, Mom, for always being the loving supportive pillar for both my sister and me. We would not be where we are today without you. Love you lots! 🥰 – Jordan Chai

To my Mom, braving a new world to give the family a better life. Thank You. ❤️ – Jake

Thanks for all the unconditional love and support over the years. You’re the reason why I dream big and have ambitions and strive to be better each day. Love you, mom! – Dan B

My mom gave up everything to move to the USA just so I can have the life she wanted, so everything that I do in life is for her❣️ – David Tran

Even though she made it all look easy, it’s hard to fathom everything she’s done (and not just for my family); even today I find myself underestimating her, but not my love for her. – Saif

Hard to make this a one-sentence thing, but my mom did everything she could to make my life as enjoyable as possible while being a single parent, I can’t thank her enough for who I have become today. – Daniel Martin

My mom played a big part in making me the man I am today, nothing I do can repay her for the sacrifices she made. – Bradley

My mother was a strong, independent, and caring single mother that worked three jobs to make ends meet. She knew sacrifice and helped me to see the value in it too. – Ryan

May all of your yesterday’s, live in all of my today’s and forever live in all of my tomorrow’s!!! Rest easy mom – Hiphoptechhead

My Mom believed in me until I started believing in myself. – Jack

Being from Brooklyn and a WWII bride, my mom would steadfastly tell me to shut the F up, get back to work, and keep pushing until I made something of myself. I miss her push every day. – Brad A

I’m a momma’s boy for sure and love my mom. As I’ve gotten older the conversations and discussions we’ve had have evolved so much. She still recalls all the sports events she’s watched me play in and how locked in I was when competing. – Shane

My mom showed me what it’s like to make something out of nothing in every aspect of life 😍 – PapaCruz

My mom has always been an example of courage, responsibility, and kindness. I am the person I am because of here. Te amo mami ❤️  – David Jimenez

Shout out to my mother, the most compassionate human being on earth; thank you for the proverbial shoes you have built for me to fill in life. 🧡🧡 – Sonyae3K

I can’t even express the admiration I have for my mom. She is a true warrior who just defeated Cancer and is also an amazing grandmother. She has played a huge role in making me the man I am today. – Byron

My mom is the strongest woman I know raised 3 strong independent children alone bartending and then fought for her life with triple-negative breast cancer and resumed work at Detroit’s Covid hotspot hospital after her chemo during radiation treatment … nothing holds her down even postponing her chemo for her scheduled trip to Vegas for what may have been her last was not her last! – TamTam

My mom raised all five of my siblings on her own. Always found a way to make ends meet, and made sure we were more than good. Never missed a game, even during me and my brothers college days. She would give the clothes off her back to a stranger. I tell her all the time if I can be just a fraction of the mother you are, my son’s going to be alright. She sacrificed so much for us and at 52 she just started nursing school again. She dropped out when she had me. So proud of her!!!! – INDIA

My mom is my biggest fan and I’m hers. She’s that person that will literally give you the shirt off her back. She’s been a superstar in helping my dad in his stroke recovery over the past 8 months and she just continues to show me how selfless she is. I love my momma! – JoJo

My mom worked so hard for my brother and me my whole life and I’m so thankful for all her hard work and sacrifice ❤️ – Xtina.shoe

My mother came from nothing and did everything she could to give me and my sister a better life. I am a first-generation college grad and during my time in college everyone was pressuring me to drop out so I can get a job to help my family. My mom didn’t listen to them and told me not to listen either. I will always be grateful for everything she did for me and for believing in my success. I love my mom! – Ashleyyy

My mom always puts us first and has worked so hard and continues to work hard. We didn’t always have a great relationship especially when I came out to her as gay but along the years she’s grown to accept me as I am and she now has an amazing relationship with my partner 💜 – Ash

My Aunt (mom) was a true inspiration of what it means to love & care for someone that’s not your own child, When my birth mom couldn’t provide my aunt always did & she’s the reason I take my aunty duties so seriously I will never forget the way she changed my life. – Tanya

My grandmother who is my mom is my lifesaver. She adopted me when I was a baby. I was an incubator baby. She didn’t give up on me. She isn’t here physically, passed away in 2015. It’s because of her, I am who I am. Also because of everything she instilled into me, I’m able to forgive and give my biological mother a chance. She’s been great to my son, but she and I still working on us. – Sdot

I grew up in a single-parent home and my mom always made sure I had all the Jordan’s that release and all the hot releases going to school as well as making sure my siblings looked good too. That’s where my sneaker passion comes from. – Tracey Martin

My mom is a superhero in my eyes. She’s the hardest working woman I know. She’s my reason for a lot of things. I grew up in a single-parent household and my sister and I never wanted or needed anything. My mom can do bad all by herself so when she met my dad it was a great addition to her. – Britt

A strong resilient woman from GHANA, raised me around the world to make sure I met different people and I’m always grateful. – EzCopE

My rock. Growing up without a father, she was both mom and dad for me. Word’s can’t express my love for my MOM! – Fresh Bucks

Took my mother for granted when I was young. I thought she would be here and i would be taking care of her when she got old…smh. She died in a car accident in 1991, i was 20 yrs old. Thirty years later I still have regrets so I tell everyone this often……Love on the ones you love often and say the words I Love You every chance you get to them because the next minute is not promised let alone tomorrow. – frank

To the women that showed me to be kind to all, and always see the good in people (especially me). She would help anyone, especially strangers doing outreach to new and expecting mothers. She never had to worry about where she was because people looked out for my mother, not that she cared because all she wanted to do was help. To the most honest and real person I know. Thank you and I love you. – Lou TeamTTS

I was fortunate enough to grow up with two moms (mother and stepmom) even though I did not see how fortunate I was when I was young, I was hard-headed living with a single mom while my dad remarried to another woman. At first, I was apprehensive and disobedient when I would visit, now our relationship is strong as any biological son and mom is since the day my real mom passed away when I was 25 she is the woman that I look to for motherly comfort and love! Other than my daughters, she is the most important woman to me. ❤️❤️ – JusBill

My mom is my everything! She has gone through so much. All the grind/sacrifices for my little brother and I.Despite her being a single parent she has never fallen short with her love her time and has always supported us. She’s been an amazing role model.  The person I am today is a reflection of her. I hope to make her as proud as I am of her. ❤️ – KZ


Sole Savy is unreal! With a busy schedule it’s hard to keep up on shoes, and the group keeps me up to date on releases, tips on how to manually cop, and a marketplace with killer deals from fellow like minded collectors. It’s changed the sneaker game for me!

@SoleSavy is the truth. They've helped me cop kicks I never would've imagined getting at retail. Members always willing to assist on drops too. And most of all, a REAL community of REAL sneakerheads. These guys should be the gold standard for sneaker communities! #LifetimeMember

My membership paid for itself three fold by being solely responsible for my union 4’s, mesh sacai waffles, sacai blazers, court purple aj1s, glow in the dark yeezy 350s, travis scott lows (which I traded to get desert ore ow’s), air max 1 londons, bc3’s for way under retail etc.

Can't say enough about SS. The stellar help with copping shoes is a given but it's the community that makes it extra special. Hands down one of the best decisions I made as a wannabe sneakerhead.

The community of sneakerheads and resources available to help manually cop are great and really will help you get more Ws. The Zoom calls for hyped drops like Union Jordan 4 only adds to the camaraderie while providing real time instruction

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