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StockX Co-Founder Josh Luber Leaves The Company

After a year of turbulent ups and downs for online reselling platform StockX – some related to COVID-19, others not – its co-founder Josh Luber is leaving the company he helped found. What began as a unique startup business only five years ago has now evolved into the world’s largest online reselling platform, with the public company last valuated at over one-billion dollars. Luber had previously stepped down from his position as CEO of StockX back in 2019 after which eBay’s former senior vice president of Americas Scott Cutler overtook his role.

Luber is leaving the company in good faith and will continue to excersize his talents in another “stealth mode” venture, he told Complex. Regarding his departure and future plans, Luber also told Business of Fashion: “It was always my intention from the day I started StockX that I would start another start-up—and then probably after that, another one and another one”. Time will only tell what that will be exactly.

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