After The Last Dance

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Alex Wong and Russ Bengtson bring together their years of experience covering the NBA, sneakers and popular culture to recap, debate and discuss each episode's themes for "The Last Dance" docuseries.


Episode IX

Bulls vs Pacers, '97 Finals, Flu Game and more!

Bulls Vs Pacers, ’97 NBA Finals: Bulls vs Jazz (12:50), The Flu Game (21:55), Game 6 ’Steve Kerr Steps Up’ (30:04), Back to ’98 Eastern Conference Finals (40:31), What Do We Want to See in Episode 10 (54:23).


Episode VIII

MJ's Comeback, Space Jam, '96 Championship, and more!

98 Playoffs Second Round (0:52), Baseball Strike and Jordan’s Comeback (10:55), ’95 Playoffs Second Round (21:18), Space Jam Summer Training (26:04), Bulls ’95-’96 Season (30:26), ’96 NBA Finals Bulls vs Supersonics (37:21), Back to ’98 Playoffs and Ending Thoughts (47:25).

Episode VII

MJ's Retirement, Baseball, Bulls Without Mike and more!

Start of the 97-98 Playoffs (3:02), Legacy of James Jordan (5:53), Jordan’s Retirement (10:43), Jordan’s Transition to Baseball (17:09), Jordan is an Asshole (27:01), ’93 Bulls without Jordan (33:29), ’98 First Round Series Vs Nets (43:18), Is Michael Jordan a Nice Guy? (44:58), Final Thoughts (49:43).

Episode VI

'93 Season, MJ vs the Press, Be Like Mike and more!

Chicago Bulls vs Orlando Magic (7:56), 92-93 Season “Jordan Rules” (12:33), Introduction to 90’s Knicks (21:17), 93 Eastern Conference Finals (23:08), Michael’s Gambling (25:15), Back to the 93 Eastern Conference Finals (31:14), ’98 Season Practice (34:11), ’93 NBA Finals Jordan vs Barkley (37:31), 97-98 Season “Playoffs” (48:33), It’s all about Michael (51:11).


Episode V

MJ signs to Nike, Dream Team, '98 All-Star Game and more!

’98 All-Star Game (1:39), Michael’s Final Regular Season Game (8:13), Jordan signs with Nike (11:37), 91 Bulls First Championship (17:30), 92 Olympics Dream Team (24:11), “Republicans buy shoes too” (30:05), Back to the 98 Season (34:19), Timelines in the series (36:35).

Episode IV

Bulls vs Pistons, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 1991 NBA Championship

Dennis Rodman returns from Vegas (0:00). Phil’s Jackson Coaching Career (6:46), 1990 Eastern Conference Finals (16:53), 1991 Eastern Conference Finals (20:04), Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Isiah Thomas (23:11), 1991 NBA Finals (28:45), back to the 97-98 season (32:48).

Episode III

Dennis Rodman, Bulls vs Cavaliers, Bad Boy Pistons & the "Jordan Rules"

Dennis Rodman (0:00), Bad Boy Pistons (7:36), Doug Collins Era (9:52), Bulls vs Cavaliers (12:43), Jordan Rules (16:00), Is Michael Jordan Retiring? (25:12), Dennis Rodman’s Request (31:02) and more!

Episode II

Scottie Pippen rises from obscurity to NBA star, MJ's injury

Scottie Pippen Appreciation/Recap, Moment of the Week (11:14), Scottie’s Injury (13:31), Does the regular season matter? (17:46), Scottie’s Trade Request (20:24), MJ’s Injury (21:29), Boston vs Chicago (26:47), Highlight of the Week (30:31).

Episode I

Flashbacks chronicle Michael Jordan's college and early NBA Days

Initial Impressions of the documentary, the Bulls in the 90’s (2:20), Villains and Heros (5:43), Why wasn’t Jerry Krause fired (9:51), Who didn’t get the credit they deserved (12:19), Organizations Win Championships (15:16), Jordan’s Career Storyline (18:05), Sneakers, Outfits and Basketball Beef (22:29), Walking into the Bulls Flying Cocaine Circus (27:44), Highlight of the Week (29:51).


After The Last Dance Announcement

Teaser Trailer

Alex Wong and Russ Bengtson announce the launch of a new 10 episode podcast series focused on the upcoming The Last Dance documentary.