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Volt Tuesday: Community Solidarity Through Sneakers

Eddie Paz

This week, the SoleSavy community once again showed us that goodhearted sneaker culture is alive and well. Today we’re going to recap the impromptu, community-organized Volt Tuesday event. What started as two strangers making a cross-country sneaker trade soon ballooned into a US and Canada-wide show of solidarity towards a member’s family facing a tough time. And it all started with a pair of “Volt Gold” Air Jordan 1 Highs.

The origin story of Volt Tuesday involves two SoleSavy members, David R. from Florida and Tomas M. from Texas. Once strangers, they would soon become great friends through a shared love of sneakers. In 2020, David sustained injuries due to a car accident and was recovering in the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, David received a call that his step-father Mike, now in his early 60s, had just been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a type of rare blood cancer. Having only recently recovered, David decided to move back home with his step-dad and his mother Deb while Mike underwent chemotherapy. 


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What do sneakers have to do with any of this? Well, living back home with his family meant that David now had the time, space, and extra money to act upon his once passive interest in sneaker collecting. Now whenever the postman dropped off a new pair, it served as a joyous respite from the selfless work he took on as his father’s caretaker. After several months of collecting, David eventually found himself joining SoleSavy and has been a happy and successful member ever since.

As the shoeboxes continued to pile up at their house, David’s parents quickly caught on to the allure. Mike, in particular, took an interest in Air Jordans. Despite having fond memories of watching Michael Jordan wear his signature kicks back in the 80s and 90s, he never really got into sneakers as a hobby until David introduced him. David gifted his step-dad a pair of Air Jordan 1 High “Volt/University Gold” that he had had his eye on, and it was love at first sight. After swapping the stock white laces for some matching volt green ones, Mike decided these would be his go-to shoes every Tuesday for his weekly chemotherapy sessions. 

Mike unboxing his Volt Gold AJ1s (left) and wearing them during chemo (right)

David told SoleSavy, “The cancer has affected his spine, so he doesn’t walk around much. But when he does, he’s got on some heat. *chuckles*”. He continues: “He noticed the nurses and staff would light up more when they saw him come in looking fresh. Their nickname for him is ‘Mike Jordan.’” During such a difficult time, it’s incredible that something as simple as a pair of kicks could brighten up Mike’s life and those around him.

David was now on the hunt for a pair of the sold-out AJ1 Volt Golds himself so that he could match his step-dad. Naturally, he shared his story with his fellow members and asked if anyone had a pair they’d be willing to sell. In comes Tomas. Having been touched by the story of David’s step-father, Tomas promptly offered him a deadstock pair of Volt Golds he never got around to wearing. As a thank you for the generous gift, David traded Tomas a pair of DS AJ 35s in his size. A baller himself, Tomas was ecstatic upon unboxing them, each member now the owner of brand new Air Jordans with that extra touch of priceless, sentimental value.

When fellow members caught wind of Tomas and David’s cross-country trade, they came up with a unique way of showing Mike some love—introducing Volt Tuesday. The premise was simple. On Tuesday, May 18th, members would lace up their pairs of Volt Gold AJ1s and post them to SoleSavy’s #wdywt channels, each photo serving as a display of solidarity with David’s step-father as he fights this rare disease.

David and Tomas’ Volt Tuesday entries

If someone didn’t own a pair of this specific AJ1 colorway, they were encouraged to pose with any Jordan 1s or “Volt” colored kicks in their collections. On Tuesday morning, there was already a sea of support between American and Canadian SoleSavy groups, with the #wdywt feed flooded with Volt Gold 1s. Those who didn’t have a pair handy got creative. Some opted for Volt-tinged Air Maxes or Acronym Prestos, while others got really creative and flexed some Fragment Jordan 1s and 3s. Those who didn’t have shoes in either category showed their support anyways, posing in random pairs with captions like “For Mike, David, and Tomas!”, “#VoltTuesday!” etc. 

When David showed his step-dad the ocean of support that countless strangers throughout North America supported him, Mike was nearly brought to tears. “[Mike’s] never been one to show emotions”, says David. “…he sat down and looked at me and said “that’s the coolest shit anybody’s ever done for me.”” The turnout was better than anyone ever expected and proved to be one of the most unique sneaker culture-related moments we’ve witnessed in a while. To have it happen here in SoleSavy was a real gift. It proved just how connected we all are, no matter the distance. While a shared interest in sneakers brought everyone here, the community only thrives because of what our members have decided to make of it. A huge thank you to Tomas, David, and all the SoleSavy members out there. Here’s to you, Mike Jordan!

David expressing his thanks to the community post-Volt Tuesday

You can donate to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation here.


Sole Savy is unreal! With a busy schedule it’s hard to keep up on shoes, and the group keeps me up to date on releases, tips on how to manually cop, and a marketplace with killer deals from fellow like minded collectors. It’s changed the sneaker game for me!

@SoleSavy is the truth. They've helped me cop kicks I never would've imagined getting at retail. Members always willing to assist on drops too. And most of all, a REAL community of REAL sneakerheads. These guys should be the gold standard for sneaker communities! #LifetimeMember

My membership paid for itself three fold by being solely responsible for my union 4’s, mesh sacai waffles, sacai blazers, court purple aj1s, glow in the dark yeezy 350s, travis scott lows (which I traded to get desert ore ow’s), air max 1 londons, bc3’s for way under retail etc.

Can't say enough about SS. The stellar help with copping shoes is a given but it's the community that makes it extra special. Hands down one of the best decisions I made as a wannabe sneakerhead.

The community of sneakerheads and resources available to help manually cop are great and really will help you get more Ws. The Zoom calls for hyped drops like Union Jordan 4 only adds to the camaraderie while providing real time instruction

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