After The Last Dance

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Alex Wong and Russ Bengtson bring together their years of experience covering the NBA, sneakers and popular culture to recap, debate and discuss each episode's themes for "The Last Dance" docuseries.


The 72-10 Chicago Bulls and more!

Season 2, Episode 10

The Jordan Dome, The 72-10 Chicago Bulls (13:27), Who was this Seattle Supersonics Team? (24:21), Is this the best Bulls team? (35:26), Final Thoughts (40:39).

The Hall of Fame Speeches

Season 2, Episode 9

Micheal Jordan’s Hall of Fame Speech, Scottie Pippen’s Hall of Fame Speech (25:16), Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame Speech (27:45), Phil Jackson’s Hall of Fame Speech (41:40), Final Thoughts (49:34)

The Wizard Years

Season 2, Episode 8

Michael Jordan becoming part owner of the Wizards, Michael Jordan’s 2nd Comeback (6:48), Michael’s First Season Back (12:47), Michael’s second and Final season (23:09), Michael’s Final NBA Game (40:25), Final Thoughts (49:24).


The Life and Activism of Craig Hodges

Season 2, Episode 7

n Introduction to Craig Hodges, Diving into Craig Hodges’ Life (7:05), Craig’s Activism During his Career (13:40), Was Craig Blackballed? (24:57), Why wasn’t Craig Hodges in the Last Dance Documentary? (32:05), The Legacy of Craig Hodges (39:18).

What about the Houston Rockets?

Season 2, Episode 6

93-94 NBA Season: Jordan’s First Retirement and Houston’s Championship Run (1:54), 94-95 NBA Season: Jordan’s Comeback and Houston’s Second Championship (10:36), Chicago vs Houston: Who would’ve guarded Hakeem and who would’ve guarded MJ? (20:14), Final Thoughts (30:58).

The Bulls Rebuild

Season 2, Episode 5

What happened after 1999 to the Chicago Bulls? (0:46), 99-00 Season (6:04), The Summer of 2000 (10:12), 00-01 Season (18:25), 01-02 Season (26:16), Jerry Krause’s Resignation & Legacy (31:37), 03-04 Season (35:42), Last Thoughts (39:12).

What if Jordan Didn’t Retire?

Season 2, Episode 4

Thoughts on Police Brutality Protests, Racism and Change (0:43), How Hard would it have been to Keep the same Roster? (9:38), What would the ’99 Playoffs look like? (18:25), You don’t break a Championship team until they lose (26:04), Would the Bulls have won the Championship in ’99? (31:44)

What Happened To The Bulls After The ’98 Season

Season 2, Episode 3

Thoughts on Police Brutality Protests, Racism and Change (0:46), Phil and Michael’s Retirements (8:24), Jerry Reinsdorf Tries to Get the Team Back Together (10:43), What Happened to Everyone After The Last Dance? (17:04), The ’99 Chicago Bulls Team (25:31)


The Sneakers of The Last Dance and more!

Season 2, Episode 2

Jordan’s Game Sneakers (8:02 ), Nike Takes a Major Risk with MJ (16:08), What Sneaker Stories should have been included? (19:01), The Last Dance Impact on Air Jordans (22:25), Air Jordan’s though the Wizard years (32:18), Most slept on Jordan model? (36:28), Final Thoughts (38:20).


The Winners and Losers of The Last Dance

Season 2, Episode 1

Is there more to the Pizza Story? (8:49), What Story Did You Want to Hear More of? (11:21), Did you learn anything new about MJ? (17:07), The Winners of the Last Dance (22:51), The Losers of the Last Dance (34:27), The Last Dance Awards (52:49).

Episode X

'98 NBA Finals, The Last Shot and the End of an Era

’98 NBA Finals vs Jazz, Game 1 of 98 Finals (7:12), Game 3 (12:17), Game 4 (21:40), Game 5 (23:03), Game 6 (28:57), The Final Shot (33:17), Post Game Celebrations (45:30), Championship Rally (49:12), Would they have came back? (53:16), Final Scene (1:00:37).

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