(Updated) Warren Lotas Replaces Fake Pigeon Dunks With “Reaper” Shoes After Nike Lawsuit

(UPDATE Oct 30, 2020): Warren Lotas is now offering a grey/white “Clean Slate” colorway of his Reaper silhouette. Customers can choose either the “Chainsaw” or “Clean Slate colorway as their Pigeon Dunk replacement with the “Chainsaw” colorway being exclusive to these customers.

Following the events of last week’s Nike lawsuit against Warren Lotas, the LA-based designer/brand has announced he will be offering his customers original replacement sneakers in lieu of his intended Pigeon Dunks. The shoes are called the  Reaper “Chainsaw” and while still baring many visual similarities to the Dunk Low silhouette, the model is far more unique than his previous ventures. This announcement comes shortly after Nike filed a preliminary injunction halting the sale, production, and distribution of Lotas’ “Flying Rat Onion Sandals” – a knockoff of the infamous Nike SB Dunk Low “Staple Pigeon” from 2005.

The lawsuit and injunction prevent Lotas from accessing the money made off his pre-orders or delivering his intended product. Lotas has promised a full refund for customers who don’t want the replacement Reaper silhouette. His accompanying statement states:

“We tried to reach an early resolution with Nike and basically complied with everything they wanted, but we believe they are making unnecessary demands in order to intimidate other small businesses from exercising their creative freedom in the future. … We believe they are using this lawsuit to suffocate small brands, customizers, and artists, not just WL. Even if you hate us, you need to understand the precedent this will set for creating as the little guy.”

You can find the full “Reaper” announcement here.

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